Moved my site to Heroku

I was thinking about moving to Heroku a few weeks ago. My site has been running on Vultr cheapest plan ($3.5 per month) about half year now. I never had really any issue with Vultr, it just that I don’t use my site that much, and Heroku free tier should be enough for my needs.

The process was easier than I thought. I just need to:

  • Register an account.
  • Create an app on Heroku, I can do it directly on their site.
  • Connect to my Github repo in a few clicks.
  • Create a Procfile then edit some code to change module path.
  • Go to deploy page, “Manual deploy” section, set the branch and click “Deploy branch” (I haven’t tried the Automatic deploys feature yet).

That’s all, my site is online now.